Finding My Way Out of the Confusion of Online Marketing

Last Update: June 24, 2017

Even though that could be a inept title for this post, I want to share how I find many answers to many questions when it comes to WordPress, Internet Marketing, Wealthy Affiliate, and even how long to bake a cake.

Without a doubt we have the most congenial, informative, and helpful bunch of people in the world right here at WA.

But sometimes there is no one on the chat board who knows the answer to my question.

What to do then? Keep posting the question over and over, until someone finally responds?

If you have pressing questions, try these:

1. Wealthy Affiliate Search Bar

First of all the search bar at the top of every WA page has thousands of responses to questions. Like all search engines, I have learned to continue filtering through the results and asking the question in different ways — until I find what I'm looking for.

2. Is Mr Google The Smartest in the World?

I have actually been around the internet long enough to have watched the Google search bar evolve into what it is at the moment:

Evidently the most reliable answers in the world!

I mean this dude can read my mind. (which may not be that difficult?)

As an internet marketer, there are just no end to the questions that you need answered each day.

Why not start asking Google.

If the results aren't satisfactory, keep rewording the question until you break through.

It won't take long before you and the search engines get on "the same page".

Sometimes on the WA chat board I read the question, search it in WA and if it's not there, I search it in Google.

I get to answer the question which makes me think I'm smart. (Which I like)

Of course I love the chat board here, because there is a lot of experience and wisdom here, but don't be afraid to ask the Wealthy Affiliate Search bar a question.

And if you still can't find the answer, Google the thing.

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spurway Premium
sometimes not knowing makes you very creative. I have asked Dr Google many times. But sometimes Aunt Bing is helping too
MikeMahaffey Premium
Absolutely! I use Bing along with any other search engine that comes to mind. I think the main thing I do is to quell the anxiety of not knowing with searches and questions on the Chat board.

And I think you really nailed it. Getting creative is the key to it all, rather than merely quitting.