Gil Would Be Proud

Last Update: June 13, 2018

I've only been on WA for 10 or 11 days now but I am really impressed with what all it has to offer. I'm nearly finished with Level 2 right now and have really enjoyed the training so far. I usually bump the speed up to 1.5x though. ;) Going premium within a couple of days of signing up was definitely a great idea. Level 1 was good but having the rest is going to be invaluable I can see already. As well as everything else WA has to offer for Premium members.

In that short amount of time I have my website up, a few posts and pages going, and it is now indexed. This little bit of progress has been a great feeling. I wish I had more time to work on it all but a normal day job and two kids limit my time I can devote to this right now.

And the community has been great here. Very helpful and very encouraging. You definitely keep the motivation going.

I'm very excited for what can come of this and extremely happy I found WA.

Take care.

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RAFStuart Premium
A belated welcome and well done so far.
MikeA74 Premium