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Last Update: August 26, 2019

Hi Everyone

My name is Mick.

I have only been with Wealthy Affiliate a couple of weeks now. After setting up my own electical contractor buisness 6 years ago, I felt there had to be other ways of creating an income without trading physical hours for a wage.

My chosen niche is angling in the UK, mainly techniques and tackle and including match fishing.


I have looked at other ways of making money on the internet (and been scammed from a BitCoin company, which I am not very proud of). This has made me very skeptical of investing any money whatsoever and I am like many others, looking for the "catch". I am still looking for it now!

What I have found within Wealthy Affiliates is a genuine set of fellow "web builders" who seem very keen on helping you acheive your goals. I have also contacted " Kyle" and " Ray Aleksandr" and had an instant response!

So far there seems to be a "tried and tested" professional system in place where whatever questions you have, will be answered quickly and in depth.

I still have a lot to learn and have only scratched the surface, I cannot wait to continue my training and get to the money making part!

My website is coming on very well (ever though I have done everything twice lol)

I have been indexed in Google.

In the next three months I would like a website with very solid foundations, and to see evidence of maybe some form of income to prove this system works.

In the next six months I would like to expand my website to incorporate maybe other forms of income and to obviously make more money and increase traffic, or start another website on a different subject.

Thanks for reading!


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WMarshall1 Premium
Hi Mick
Stay the course and success will come.
Still working on it as well!
unigirl Premium
Hi Mick,

I am glad you found WA!
You have made a good choice
going Premium. I have not
found anything out there for
the money!

It is a great place to start, and keeping
the budget at a minimum! Much success
here and sooooo much to learn!

I have done my websites over probably
to many I am a perfectionist,
trying to break that part.

Glad you are here and The Best To You!

See-ya at the TOP!
Michael342 Premium
Hi Cindy!
Thanks for the comments,they are very useful.

Also I feel that I am going over the basics several times and wanting my website to appeal to everyone.

I know there is a lot of work to do, and some days it feels like I am just spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere, the ideas are there, its just putting them in the right order.


DarrenNicola Premium
Hello Mick and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, this is the best cost-effective business to be involved in, the platform here has been set up for you to succeed.
I wish you well, keep up the good progress, follow the training and you will be doing good.
All the best to you
Darren :)
Michael342 Premium
Hi Darren!
Thanks very much.
I understand about the success system in place as I did a MLM selling soap about 20yrs ago.
I W"ont mention the name but its rather big in the U.S
It is all totally new as I've never been very computer literate so it may take a bit of study.
Thanks for your support!
Carson2 Premium
Great to have you with us. You're going through this process the right way.
Michael342 Premium
Thanks Carson2!

Its good to know more experienced people than me are watching over 👍