Neglecting your business? This is how I avoid it

Last Update: June 30, 2015

Recently, I've been busy with school. I know a lot of you reading this either have regular day jobs or are full-time students like myself. You know that focus should be put more onto what's allowing you to survive financially in this day in age (or what will determine your future.) I spent a long time working on my final exams, and now they're finally over! But - I still feel like I'm not spending the time that I can on my business.

If you're having trouble keeping up with your posts, try spending time to work on your social networks instead! If you can't work on your website, make a few 140-character Tweets or Facebook updates just explaining things you're doing in your life relevant to your niche, something you've learned that might be interesting to your customers, or more.

My niche is computers, technology, and gaming. If you look at big names in this marketing industry such as Marques Brownlee, you'll see that they make a new quality video once every week. Yet, they still stay relevant. This is because they all remain active on social media, where the bulk of their fanbase and followers are. At this time, social media is a large part of determining quicker success.

So - go talk about what's new, what's good, and whatever is on your mind. You never know if someone might be interested and it can be shared. Go and follow random people that might be interested in your niche - they could as well just follow you back and spread your name. Give it a shot!

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htdad1 Premium Plus
Congrats on finishing your final exams, hopefully that will give you more time for your business. Social media is amazing for your business. Don't forget to do the income producing activities