A simple way to store and retrieve your missing HTML links after changing your website theme

Last Update: June 10, 2014

Laterly, I have been scanning and trying different WordPress themes on my website to make my website more attractive and professional looking. Sometimes during the process some of those widget I have used in one theme does not show up in the new theme when I am previewing them.

When this happens, I have to re-establish those missing HTML links for advertisements by going back to the sites where I originally got them from to re-insert them in the widgets on the newly inactivated themes. At times this can become a time consuming process.

This is what I started doing to save time. Before I change to a new theme, I open each one of my widgets with HTML text in them and copy and save them to a page in my word processing program. You can use any word processing program to do this.

So the next time I run into a situation where I want to restore all my missing HTML text links to a newly activated WordPress theme, I simply open up my word processing file containing all the copied HTML text links and copy the ones I need. Then I paste them into my newly installed widgets in the new theme.

If you are not already this, you should try this the next time you find yourself changing the theme on your website several times before you finally find one that you want to stick with. This will save you a lot of time.

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amitpandey88 Premium
thanks.. Melpor. that was a useful information