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April 15, 2021
Hello everyone,Hope all is well with you all!I am wondering why I see this in my Google Search Console. What is this? Have you ever seen something like this before?Please share your thoughts and experience with me!Much apreciate it,Meena
Dear all,Just a quick post to share about new users reading my website in Spanish and German and more.....languages.Today I am really excited to see traffic from 23 different countries which are 100% organic.I can't wait to see more people coming up with more options as to which one they choose to read the contents.I feel really satisfied to see people feel comfortable by choosing their preferable languages to choose to read at my website.Down the road as I will be seeing more traffic from a sp
Good morning all, hope you all have a wonderful weekend so far.This is a quick post for celebrating my 6 months dedication batch obtained this morning. This is a beautiful surprise to start the weekend morning. I I love it and it brought more excitement to my journey.Hope you all have a wonderful day,Meena
Hello all,I feel really ill in heart and brain both. I can't write at all. I can't focus at all. My brain hurts a lot. I'm trying my best to stay as much active as I can but still I can't fake it anymore. I have to admit that I'm ill. It has been a few days now. I have not published any article since Feb 18th. I have not published any blog post I don't remember since when. I'm really sorry to be absent to most of you. Although, I do my best but still I can't reach to all. Please know that I'm n
February 13, 2021
Oh my goodness, I just did that! Good weekend evening dear WA NW members and Friends,Today I just faced my fear! 🥶🤦♀️I created my first ever screen cast video to share for an event which I had created for referring more leads and audience to my website. The video was very short. It was about navigating and getting comfortable with the site prior to visiting or reading.I was extremely nervous and shaking. I panicked maybe, I repeated my words for many times and I did
February 08, 2021
Good evening everyone,Hope you all are doing great and had a good weekend. As per below screen shot the number of referrals are growing since the past 3 days. The screen shot taken in the morning shows 9 referrals and another screen shot taken just now shows 17 referrals. I do see some numbers but under the column conversion, there is nothing. I am wondering what am I doing wrong and what can I do to fix it? Even the least number of referrals if not all the 17. What I want to say is that even i
Need help in tracking a new referral!Hello all wonderful WA members,Could someone please help me with a new referral? Is it just like that, or it is real. How could I check it in the analytics where it came from? Thank you very much for all your help,Meena
Hello all Wonderful WA NW members,I can't wait to share with you all about the indexation of 26 posts in Bing so far. I am really happy about it.All 41 posts submitted and indexed in Google. So far, 100% of my posts have been indexed in Google.Funnels for Email List successfully built and currently in campaign since Feb 03rd. I am still at 14 subscribers. So far, no new ones.I am immensely happy about the progress I am making day by day and can't wait to go back to work and Kyle's training...Se
February 05, 2021
OOoopss, I forgot to put the upcoming ones. So here they are:All the Upcoming Trainings by Jay.
February 05, 2021
Good morning all,This is a quick answer to all who are looking for tonight's training / class from Jay.Have a wonderful day,Meena