Don't Waist Your Time Online!

Last Update: February 17, 2018

I am sitting in front of my computer eager to write my content. Oh yes, it will take me only an hour or two to write my article.

Mmm.... Maybe I should check first my mailbox before I get started. Goutch, I forgot, I need to check my affiliate sales, too! Oh.. someone just sent me a message on my Facebook page! Ring Ring.. I need to answer this call now!

OOHHH...It's getting late, and I still didn't start my article.

What am I going to do? I need to write 3 articles per week if I want to grow my business!

Am I the only one who gets distracted? Come on. I am sure it happens to you, too:)

The truth is that we live in a world full of distractions. There are entertainments everywhere, and even more on the internet, which make it really hard to focus on our everyday life.

So the question is, are there ways to stop wasting time online?

And the answer is, of course,Yes!

Create a To-Do List
That's one of the most effective ways to keep you on track. Write down a to-do list on a piece of paper using a pen. By doing so, you give a command to your subconscious mind and believe it or not; your brain will make you achieve all your goals!

Turn Off Your Phone

I don't know about you, but I am in love with my phone! It's funny, but I spend more time with my phone than with my husband:) Did you know that most people check their phones 150 every single day. That's a lot! So do yourself a favor. When you work, just turn it off! I am sure he will forgive you!

Read Your Email Once a Day.

I admit it. I was addicted to checking my email dozen times a day.

But hey, I have recovered! Want to know my secret?

Here is what I do. It's simple. I open my email only after work! That's all!
So if you are in the same situation, try my method. It works great!

Turn Off Your Television

Even though I am a responsible adult, I still feel like a child! When the TV is on, I often find myself running to the TV if I hear something that grabs my attention.

Yes, that's my weakest quality:) If you want my two cents, don't even bother turning on your TV!

Set an End Time
When I am not in a rush to do something, then I become less productive. I spend more time procrastinating and do much less than I should. I've read somewhere that setting a specific end time to my day will help accomplish my work. Which I did, and it works great!

Everyone has its own way to manage her/himself. I am curious to know What is yours?

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NCH Premium
Wow, you sure know me! LOL

Great article, I can relate

Have a great day

mechidor Premium Plus

I am glad I am not alone:)

Have a wonderful day too!

Thank you for the comment!
Cali Premium
I put my phone on the charger in the truck, play some classical music and get busy.
mechidor Premium Plus
Hi Cali,

Great idea!

Thank you for the comment!
Cali Premium
Your very welcome
MKearns Premium
Your chief challenge is translating accomplishment into survival
mechidor Premium Plus
Hi Kearn,

Yes, it is:)

Thank you for the comment!
gohealthy Premium
Very true..there's so much distraction. No doubt we know but most of the time we failed to prioritize. We always push the most important.. last.
Thanks for reminding :))
mechidor Premium Plus
Hi there,

Yes, true!

Thank you for the comment!
kimwolfe Premium
Great article! I have to work on this focus everyday. I slot specific times to blog and focus on that one task for the time. And I still get distracted too! WA comments, this person needs help, new training added, google alerts, emails, ack!

I do like the time based slot idea. You are correct, this helps create a little sense of urgency and can help keep the focus to complete that one task by due time.

Reality is, perfection for focus is nearly impossible. So daily training and reminding of focus time everyday for every designated task slot is a life long process. Just keep at it one day at a time knowing that time efficiency strategies are possible. Having more than 24 hours per day is not :)
mechidor Premium Plus
Hi Kim,

Indeed, it's nearly impossible to focus 100% on your work:)

We can do our best!
Thank you for the comment!