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September 17, 2019
Hey everyone,I just found out about a fantastic Amazon affiliate website that sells around 35 million product reviews. It's called Why Am I showing this website? Well you can find what are the most sold products online. You can get some inspirations and create a profitable wesite.. Just look at it, you'll be amaized!Have a nice day!
Hi everyone,Yesterday a reader asked me if there was a possibility to print one of my pages. Unfortunately, my theme doesn't have this feature. So I started to look around the net to find a solution, and all I could see was all type of software, which I didn't want to use. Anyway, I finally found a small guide on how to convert a URL to PDF without downloading any software. So, here is how you do:1) Go to your web page and Choose a URL using Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. If you have a M
February 17, 2018
I am sitting in front of my computer eager to write my content. Oh yes, it will take me only an hour or two to write my article. Mmm.... Maybe I should check first my mailbox before I get started. Goutch, I forgot, I need to check my affiliate sales, too! Oh.. someone just sent me a message on my Facebook page! Ring Ring.. I need to answer this call now!OOHHH...It's getting late, and I still didn't start my article. What am I going to do? I need to write 3 articles per week if I want to gro
Hi everyone,While searching information for my content today, I found a tool provided by Google and Bing called Answerthepublic.comI personally love it, I think it's awesome and that's why I wanted to share it with you!You type your keyword in the box and click "Get Question" Let's say you type in Shoes like in the screenshot belowLook what you get. Tons of keywords!I hope you'll find it useful!Have a great day!
September 27, 2016
I don't know if it's new but I've recently discovered a new option in Google Analytics. You can now download Google Tag Assistant Recording on your browser and will alert you if something wrong is going on. I still have to learn about it but I already have downloaded and it's fantastic!Here is the link If you want to know more about it: a nice day!
September 24, 2016
Yesterday I was looking for a software to watermark my videos, and I finally found a great one that doesn't need to be downloaded. It's free and easy to use!Here is the link: a nice day!