Storms really do mess up things.

Last Update: September 02, 2016

Since weather here in Nc near Charlotte is nasty and horrible trying to watch and listen to the webinar was a total disaster. The training was wonderful and very informative when I the webinar would play. But I guess the cloud density was too thick around here because it would keep going in and out every 2 or 3 seconds. I had to keep hitting play and pause to be able to catch what was going on. Even then I still missed most of the webinar. I hope they archive this training so later when the servers are working I can re watch and I am looking forward to the next one because as I said earlier the training part was excellent

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JudeP Premium
Steph Hill also transcribes the webinars so you will probably be able to read that later today :)
Mdh46 Premium
Thank you for letting me know that they do archive their training. I hope the storm doesn't hit too hard up theirs either have a wonderful weekend thanks again.
JReinbold Premium
Hi Mitch, they will archive it and you can view it at your leisure. We are waiting for the storm to get up here in Jersey. Hopefully it will make a sharp right turn and head out to sea. Be safe.