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Last Update: Jun 20, 2018

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Yahoo! I bet you never thought you would hear that from a Google Gmail loyalist. Well, here is a surprise. Turns out that the best pink distribution service is, yes, Yahoo!

This is the technology sector. It is not like the horse and buggy days, where the same blacksmith that put shoes on the horse furnished bits for your saddle. The modern approach uses the strength of each vendor to achieve optimal results.

That is why our "widow" team is so powerful. Each person does their part:


When we all work together, we achieve more!

Recent Comments


Our so-called "orphan" promotion has been going great guns now that we have added co-branding partners. Sure, it helps to have chosen the tops in their fields as partners, and some people are just not willing to do what it takes to become full affiliates.

With yahoo [ kaimanima03 ] we have to be sure that all the content qualifies for distribution. Distribution is essential, no viable marketing program works without it.

But you also have to have fulfilment [ kaimanima13 ] or all your front end efforts are to no avail. Fortunately, Google GMail are the best in privacy protecting partners. We have come to have confidence in Google.

So many of these "orphan" promotions are going to fail. And it is not just "orphan" promotions, there are lots of other situations where you just need to put forth a little more effort in order to gather those all-important affiliate situations.

So my advice is to work at it now. Remember, you can always sleep later, once the work is done!

You might be surprised at how good the Yahoo mail drop service is these days. It is not the Yahoo you remember from 10 years ago, when they insisted on reputable users, now the service is reliable enough to be opened up for general use.

[] drfreedgh at yahoo dot com

[] drfredgh at yahoo dot com

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