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November 04, 2014
Hello everyone, just wanted to update my progress here at WA after joining almost ten months. When I joined WA, I knew absolutely nothing about internet marketing or creating and running an on-line business via a website. Now, 9-1/2 months later, I have my website well established and doing quite well in the search engines, namely Google, and also getting my business name recognized in many of the social media sites. I earned my first sales commission last June which was $4.70. I know it wasn't
March 01, 2014
Hello all, Its been just over one month since i joined WA. It has been a great ride thus far. I have learned so much in this short period of time and have accomplished a lot including creating my own website!! Before joining WA I would have never dreamed of having my own website-awesome!! I believe WA is the best place that I have experienced to start an internet marketing business. The training I have received here has given me the ability and confidence I need to be a success within this bu
January 26, 2014
Well, just finished my first week with Wealthy Affiliate. It has been a great week thus far. I have already learned so much here. The amount of teaching info, tools and help from WA members is awesome. I'm truly looking forward to getting my internet business up and running and being success at it. Also, thank you to all the members that have helped me thus far. I really appreciate it. And thanks to all the members who have chose to follow me in WA.