7 Days At Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: Jan 1, 2016


Hey Everyone,

7 days young and I'm having a blast! In my short time here I have learned so much business knowledge. Although I'm on holiday I have started the creation of my first WA website, completed the level 1 "Getting Started" course and level 1 of "Affiliate Bootcamp". I've also written my WA Review. Currently a work in progress yet a task worthwhile pursuing. None of it is perfect but I've completed it nonetheless and all on my iPhone! 10 Stars for me hahaha

If anyone is able I would really appreciate it, if you could please leave a comment on my WA review, here is the link


I'm loving the positive vibe, encouragement and vitality of WA. With that I've had the privilege of being able to create some exciting short, medium and long term goals. I'll share those when I get a minute to re-write my profile.

For today I'll proof read again, update my profile and hopefully watch a video class or two from Jay.

That's it for me!

Happy New Year Everyone


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You may have only been around 7 days, but you certainly have absorbed the information well. The new website is shaping up nicely! Good work Michelle

Thank you that's really motivating, so much for being on holiday hahaha! The training doesn't seem like hard work, I'm really enjoying the new challenge in life.

Mind you I was celebrating my achievements & had a few too many wines last night, I don't think I absorbed a thing hahaha.

Have a great day ;)


awesome! very proud of ya, and you've inspired me to get off my bum and take action too, so thanks for the new year kick in the backside! :P

Hi BTan

Hahahaha laughing out loud! I'm very much into taking action only trouble is sometimes I go too fast I make mistakes. Then I have another laugh at my lunacy, fix it up, then take action again. It's a marvellous cycle of events and it's the only way I know how to get it done!

Great to meet you ;), stay in touch.


hey michelle, i'm glad you had a good chortle. I was checking out your website and thought i'd drop my 2 cents. Firstly, i like the clean and professional look of your site. The theme is really nice. It's something that I personally like my own site to look like someday. Second, i noticed i had to scroll quite some way down before getting to see your pages. Could these be put on top of your site instead of to the side and all the way down? Third, you've put your contact number but there's no indication of country or area code. Personally, if i see a site that seem dodgy because there's a lack of info, i steer clear. Other than that, love what you've done so far. I apologise if I'm not making a lot of sense coz i'm trying to describe what i see the best i can as a noob to web design. Cheers, Beng

That is an awesome analysis and very helpful, thank you so much. I've only got my phone so I can't see the distance between the header, my content or the side bar. It appears normal but it's clearly not lol. Actually do you mean the list of pages or the actual content?

Good thinking about the phone number too, given I want to appeal to both national and international clients.

Thanks again


i mean list of pages. when i go to a site, typically i see a link for home page, which you have, and then a list of pages that are on offer, and a "contact us" link. there's also a call to action link where your phone number is, which entices people to check out something more or go somewhere. All i see in your site is the "home" link, and very sparse info unless i scroll down. If i don't do that, my alarm bells would start ringing and tell me this site is not legit.

Thank you BTan I see what you mean now and it makes perfect sense. Excellent feedback. Making the changes now.


You are doing fantastic here at WA!!!
Greatness lies ahead.

Happy New Year,

Thank you John, it helps when you're having fun ;) Have a fabulous day/evening where ever you may be!


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