Life isn't about finding yourself.Life is about creating yourself.

Last Update: September 15, 2018

Good morning everyone, how is your lovely weekend? I was so tired on saturday event, so i treat myself a little better on sunday. Yes, Starbuck to start of my day.

Life isn't about finding yourself...

So many of us have been on a journey to 'find ourselves', whether that be physical or mental. Considering that the definition of the word "find" is to locate or obtain by search or effort, what exactly are we expecting to discover? Answers? Direction? A new me?

Instead of looking in earnest for a version of yourself that already exists, why not start from the beginning and build a brand new you? Who do you want to be? What life do you want to lead?

Few simple steps to start

- Visualize the best person you can be for a few moments.

- Write a short note that describes your future self.

- Commit to being that person and take at least one step towards your creation.

Thank you for reading my blog, sharing is always caring.


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Stella2 Premium
Hey Max, and welcome to WA!

I agree, we are creators and that includes ourselves. That's something that I've come to understand more fully over the last few years. It's a truth that many people miss. I'm busy reinventing myself, too.

I wish you much success with your online journey. :-)
maxlimblog Premium
Thank you Stella.
BrianCheng Premium
Nice post! Another writer in WA. Welcome onboard Max.

All the best.
maxlimblog Premium
Thank you Brian for warm welcome.
I'm not a writer, just sharing. :-)
BrianCheng Premium