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I personally only spend about 5 hours a week on my website. That's writing 3 articles a week - Each which takes 1-2 hours. Most of my social media is automated at this point and even interacting with people doesn't take long at all. All I do is scroll through my twitter feed, retweet about 10 posts or so. Maybe comment on some interesting tweets and do the same thing with my G+ account. When I make a new article I just share it on my social media - Done.So I am spending on average only 5 h
So I've been trying to rank one of my articles to page 1 of google and today I just googled the article 'How to stop being shy and quiet' and discovered it has indeed ranked #1! BUTWhen I clicked on it the page that actually ranked #1 was one of my pictures FROM that article and not my article itself...What the hell? How did my picture outrank my article? I went through the pages and couldn't find my actual article in sight. My picture's alt tag and picture name is the same as my article ti
Hey guys, I'm using the Eleven40 Pro theme but for some reason whenever I publish a new article it is not updating my website. Even when people leave comments on an existing blogpost the titlepage will say 'No Comments' but when you click through it shows that there are comments. It is currently showing an article I made a week ago.The stranger part is that it shows everything perfectly if I am logged into my WP account. If I go to 'View Site' on my dashboard it takes me to the correctly upd
Whenever I Tweet my new post the default gravatar image shows up I dont get why. Its ONLY Twitter. G+, Facebook and Pinterest work perfectly fine. Doesn't make any sense. Here's what I did; I use All in one SEO(about to switch to yoast because of this):In Social Meta Settings I selected OG:Image Source to 'Featured Image' and also checked 'Use Default If No Image Found'Back in my post I selected the correct Featured Image.I went to the Social Settings tab and made sure the correct image rad