The Journey Begins.

Last Update: October 28, 2018

I came here on a hunch. Because of arthritis, I do not have the ability to work outside of my home.

For the last year, I have been searching for a legitimate means to run a successful online business. After trying and failing at several network marketing schemes ( Most of them are OK ) I came to the conclusion that they were not the ideal route to my success. I then came across the concept of Internet Marketing. So I jumped in with both feet. Big mistake! The internet is like the old west in that almost anything goes. There are so many sites that claim that they are the best platform to launch your online business from. Unfortunately, most are just a means to frontload you into an endless stream of upsells with no real chance of ever making a real income. I have come here because of a comment in a chat room that had a link to here. We shall see where this goes.

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