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Hello everyone! My name is Mary Bartholomew and I am a Real Estate agent in Central Oregon. When I am not selling houses, I enjoy spending time with my family and working on internet ventures. Wealthy Affiliate has been an important part of my success online and I haven't even tapped into all that it has to offer! I am excited about the Open Education Project and what it is doing for members and their overall success! I am looking forward to learning a lot more of the latest and greatest in the internet marketing world and networking with everyone here!

"Earning an income online is achieved by those who are willing to learn, work, and take action. Anyone can leverage internet marketing with time and dedication. This will ultimately lead to you building an online business that turns a profit and one that continues to grow with the time you invest into it." ~ Leverage Internet Marketing

Some things that you may not know about me....

~ I started playing soccer when I was 4 years old and was the only girl on an all boys team and was the leading scorer! I played competitively most of my life and played for the Oregon Ducks and the 1st ever women's semi-pro team out of Portland Oregon.

~ I am a perfectionist ;)

~ My favorite color is blue.

~ I am fascinated with baby sign language.

~ I have ninja like reflexes.

~ I think aquaponics is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

~ I love Lasso Golf!

~ I am a Taurus.

~ I used to want to be a fly girl!

~ My favorite class when I was in college was Marketing/ Business.
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Here is a program I hope you will take a look at. And a question for you. Why are people so afraid today to take a very small risk (heck no risk right now) in a prelaunch program that can really help them to grow their business by leaps and bounds? Go here now and just take a look around. Just copy and paste the link. Seems like WA won't let it become a clickable link. http://www.zingbizpro.com/?ZBP?=hotbizman
webkab Premium
Thought I'd connect with you since we have been in WA about the same time together. I took the 30 day training twice and especially appreciate potpiegirls blogs and magistudio Jays wabinars and instructions. I launched a business at www.comforthealthybikesaddles.com that producing a small income right now. All because of WA. Best of luck to you and MUCH SUCCESS.
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Welcome to WA
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Welcome to the WA family
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This is a new year with new opportunities!! I am hoping to have a very successful year with Wealthy Affiliate and to turn my internet marketing into a full time gig by summer 2011!!