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I am a single Christian woman and I have three grown children and one grown grandchild who I raised from birth and is now in his Junior year of college.

I love animals, meeting new people, and taking short trips. I am very creative and love learning new things.

I have 2 labs, a boxer mix and a whippet. All are rescue dogs. I am now fostering a German Shepard until a good home can be found for her.

My goal is to be a successful internet marketer. I believe this site can offer the tools that, combined with my business knowledge, can lead to success. I hope to have one or more successful sites up and running by April of 2013.

I have been a floor manger for a large department store, sold automobiles, Vice President of a leasing company that leased major items such as semi’s, airplanes, restaurant equipment, etc. I now run a Home Day Care and love what I do but would like to get something going that will allow me more freedom.

I hope to make a lot of friends on this site who can help me and I can help them. It is such a good feeling to be able to help someone else in some small way. Friends always make the journey easier and much more pleasant.

I also feel that this site seems to have a lot of integrity and that is so important in any business but especially online where you run into a lot of scams. I should know. I have found my share of them.

I am new at forums and social networking so I have a lot to learn and hope I do not make too many mistakes.

Anyway, I am happy to be here and I am looking forward to talking and sharing my experiences with you
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MaryC Premium
Hi TJ Books I am sure your experience will help me a lot I will be having questions for you for sure. I am going to take a look at the tutorials
MaryC Premium
Thanks Carson I am sure I will be asking for your help at some point
TJ Books Premium
PM me any time. John
TJ Books Premium
We are glad you are here and I give you my personal hardy welcome. This is the Place to Learn to Earn. I am in my fifth year here. I have always paid annually as to save about half of the tuition (membership). I'm on the chat as tjbooks so say hello. You can also send me a PM at any time. I am here to help. I'm 80 years old so my focus here has not been to make money. I took care of that years ago, not to become rich but to be able to live comfortably. I'm a retired R&D and engineering executive, editor, college professor, etc. I live in Idaho with my wife, Pat, who has ALZ. I've written some tutorials here so fell free to take a look at my page to see them. WELCOME! John
Carson Premium
Great to have you here at WA!

Today is your first day being part of a community that has everything you need to learn all about Internet marketing, online business, and earning revenue from the NET. I always like to welcome new members personally, so here's my official "WELCOME"!

I'm here to help if you need answers to questions, or if you need some guidance at any time.

I'll leave you with one suggestion to work through the "Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)" course located on your dashboard or within the main menu:

This course is going to help you really understand how Internet marketing works and how we suggest you get started.

Talk to you soon!