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Last Update: May 23, 2018

Exactly 2 weeks into my journey here at WA, so far so good. I have been pumping out content and going through the training daily. All in all, im loving the process.

It took a few days for my site to index initially and the first few posts took forever to Index, until this week that is. So far every post I've created this week has taken 9 hours exactly from publish to being indexed.

I did change a few things that I've found has helped a lot.

  1. Once published I instantly stick it on the "leave a comment thread" and start getting some engagement.
  2. Publish the post on Google+ as well.
  3. Head to the Google Search Console and "fetch and render as google".

First 2 steps are in your training, the last step I researched via the search feature here at WA. After following all 3, 9 hours later my content has been indexed.

I am yet to receive much organic traffic, but im sure that will come in time.

If you are struggling to get indexed quickly try the above steps. It may not work for everyone but it might work for someone :)

I have a few questions for you guys.

  1. How long did it take for you to start seeing significant organic traffic via keyword search?
  2. What tips do you have for getting your content indexed quicker?

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mtrew2015 Premium
Great tips =)