Any advice on the legalities when posting videosimagesscreenshots of video games?

Last Update: Mar 22, 2020


So I just started a gaming review blog. Gaming review blogs NEED to have images. I wanna know the legalities of copyright infringement, derivative work, fair use, and the Creative Commons license. I would search for it but the terms are just too "lawyer-y". If someone can explain these terms in a more casual way I'd really appreciate it!

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Absolutely agree with Petardz 🧐

As long as you have bought the game, and doing a review.. I think that it would be considered as fair use.. Just don't use someone else's images, always use images that you took.

Say for example, I own the game, and took in-game screenshots on it. I then posted the screenshots I took into my blog. Is that grounds for fair use? Meaning I won't get hit with potential infringement? I will still credit the publisher below the image. Would that be enough?

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