After 9 months, I finally get my first sale!

Last Update: Dec 23, 2020


Even though the commission I received was quite small, it is still an achievement. It is very encouraging!

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Huge Grats on your success. The size of the commission is not the point. The best part is all the time and effort you put into your website. The energy and the belief you had in yourself to keep following through. Stay strong and keep going. Best of Luck Always.

Thank you!

Good job!! Keep it going. Belive in yourself. Never quite.

Thank you!

Small wins are still very important Marvin!
Small wins leads to great changes!
Be encourage
You have done well
Keep moving forward

Thank you!

Hi Marvin,
Don't be discouraged by small commissions they add up. Some of us have no commission at all, but we still have hope. I agree it's very encouraging.

Thank you!

Awesome Marvin! Nothing like the first Sale. Enjoy the feeling!

Thank you!

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