Fox In The Garden But No Chicken.

Last Update: May 06, 2020

Nature is smashing all the same I didn't realize what I was missing until the last few weeks stopped the world and suddenly the skies were that blue that I remember from child hood, lying in a field killing time and staring up at the fluffy clouds, trying to see a strange animal shape in them, peace and tranquility.

When I was about seven, I would accompanied my father and brother to the bog on Saturdays to cut turf with the slane, that's a hand held implement simpler to a spade but had an up right wing on it to cut the sod of turf, well anyway the days were long sunny and full of bird song, larks thrushes and dozens of other birds darted about in thee sky calling and screeching to their mates, catching frogs and bring home tadpoles to watch them grow into frogs. We would sit for a break and have tea, home made brown bread, and cheese, while listing to the birds and frogs with my father quizzing us as to what was what.

I have kids now and that guy in the picture Mr Fox strolled up to the back door three nights ago and the kids were so excited to see him up close, we left out food for him he was thin looking and it was the kids wonder and excitement that brought all my childhood memory and brushes with nature flooding back. (Couldnt tell them all of the devilment I got ip to)

This made me realise all they are missing out on so much now days. They may have all the latest tech stuff but the simple action of this fox created more excitement in my house the last few days ( he has returned in the evenings ) The piont of this is the realization that we are missing out so much now and we are not teaching our kids about the things that really matter. If every human being suddenly vanished off the face of the earth tomorrow nature would survive and thrive .

We asa species have an over inflated view of our importance., We are important as a care taker of the world and if we realized this our lives would be enriched from that interaction.

Now don't get me wrong I'm here on this site to learn how to be successful making a living on line but we should never loose sight of our surroundings and the impact our action has on it.

Nature and commerce can exist together and benefit each other, all it takes is a bit of consideration on our behalf. The WA community is huge and if every one of us is mindfull we can influence a lot of people concerni9ng the matter, and by thinking about the impact our choices have we can make a big impact on nature for the good of our families and kids

. In the future when our grand kids ask well what do you know about nature and wild life and what did you do to help sustain it we can honestly tell our story. Any way strange how all that came from a fox visiting my garden for tea. Keep safe and well and open your eyes and ears to the marvelous sights and sounds of nature simple but uplifting.



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Zoranaha Premium
It is a beautiful story. Thank you. In the last few weeks, I used to work all night long and I noticed that birds tweeted all the time,24/7. And their tweets are so clear and loud. I am still not sure is it different than before or I just paid more attention to that:). But I think that they feel freer.
Celebee Premium
Thanks for sharing
daystarmm Premium
Nice. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

awrightaaw Premium
Great post thanks for sharing!
Nellya Premium
Nice story. Let’s hope that business and nature can find a way to exist together.