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December 02, 2013
After almost two months' absence due to my re-location back to Hong Kong, I am back with WA. These past two months have been an unsettling period for me quite apart from the physical move. The turmoil of pondering whether to continue or stop my WA programme has been the worst because of financial considerations. Added to this is the unstable internet connection where I now live - this contributed hugely to my "excuse" in my procrastination. Alas, like an answer to my prayers, WA makes a Black
I have gathered some “must-read” tutorials and would like to share them with newbies like myself – by newbies I mean those who knew nothing about building a website before coming to WA. These tutorials are, of course, in addition to Kyle’s Getting Started course, and his Affiliate Bootcamp course if you are going to do Bootcamp. Both of these courses would have gotten you to the stage where you would have set up your website, be it a free one or a bought one, got yourself a niche
September 23, 2013
I must be one of those rare creatures on this planet. I don’t have a Facebook account, or any of the social network accounts, until last evening, that is. Now that I have got my website published with some contents (and will continue writing contents, of course), I am following Kyle’s training to reach out to my social network. What social network ? So, I had to sign up for a Facebook account, to start with ! Well, the signing up was easy but, boy, did I expect the avalanche of emails th
I just received an email from Street Articles to inform me that my article has been approved and published. I titled it "Have you done any reading lately ?" Do have a read, and let me have your valuable comments. I would appreciate it. This is my third article - one to Yahoo! Voices and two to SA. 100% bulls eye. I am very, very happy. I hope I don't sound like a show-off - not intended at all. I just want this to be an encouragement to our new community members that if someone like me, wh
Yes - after waiting for 10 days, I received an email from Yahoo! Voices informing me that they have published my article. This is particularly exciting for me, even more so than when I got my first Street Articles published, because I read from Nathanielle's blog comments that it is not easy to get approval from Yahoo! Voices. This achievement is most encouraging and my excitement is similar to being told I passed my driving test all those years ago ! Here is the article title a
I am excited and overjoyed to inform everyone that my first Street Article was approved and published last night. Here is the link to it. Please do click on it and let me have your valuable feedback. I still do not have my site finished yet, so there is no link from this SA to my site. Working on it.