Woke up today with new ambition

Last Update: September 27, 2018

I woke up this morning feeling like today will be a great day. Ironic I would say especially since I am out with the flu and my voice is literally gone.

But even though my actual voice is gone, I realised this presented me the opportunity to use my fingers as my voice... This is something I actually enjoy doing but haven't had the time to do.

Funny how this is exactly how I landed on Wealthy Affiliate in the first place...

Anyway, today I just want to write this blog to welcome all the new members to Wealthy Affiliate. You guys really have no idea how simply joining WA will change your life forever. It definitely changed mine for the better.

In 9 short months I now own 2 online businesses, I published one e-book and one paperback and I am now also mentoring a couple of people on how to get started online as an entrepreneur. And this is just scratching the surface of my journey and successes achieved after joining WA.

My encouragement: do not give up no matter what. Don't worry about where the money will come from to pay the monthly premium. If you decide today that you will do it (and you will), then everything else will fall into place.

Nobody promised that it would be easy. Nobody said that you will make your first $1 in a day. Of course if you do, great! But if you don't, keep on trying.

In closing, I am looking forward to connecting to more people on the WA platform. Please feel free to reach out to me or follow me or even send me a PM here on WA. I always enjoy chatting to people and assisting them online.

Here's to a bright future!

Cheers xx

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AlexEvans Premium
That can be so frustrating when we get laid low with the flu Marchelle, thanks for the update looks like you are hitting your stride, best wishes as you expand your online presence.

You may have lost your voice but your words are doing a very good job of speaking for you, enjoyed reading your post.
Marchelle1 Premium
Thanks Alex :)
Jnsiah Premium
Inspiring blog,
glad to hear about your success so far here at WA. Wow written a book already, very well done.

Marchelle1 Premium
Yip, I did :) but I promise you that if it was not for all the encouragement from the WA community, it probably never would have happened.

Impossible is nothing!
wanjigin Premium
Hi Marchelle,
Great post! Sometimes it is all you need to hear to keep going.
Marchelle1 Premium
Very much true!