The Biggest Secret To Make Money Online

Last Update: February 04, 2020

The Secret

This one is so obvious yet most beginners don’t seem to get it.

Here’s the secret... You only make money when you are selling. Voila!

Start Selling!

No matter what type of marketing you’re doing, you ONLY make money when you sell something to someone. You could be doing blogging, affiliate marketing, dropshipping or product creation... Whatever it may be, you still only make money when you are selling products or services.

It is so important. You must avoid getting infected with "Shiny Object Syndrome".

What’s shiny object syndrome?

‘Shiny object syndrome’ is a term commonly used in the internet marketing scene to refer to marketers who keep buying new products that hit the market but never take any action on the info that they buy.

Take Action

All they seem to do is buy and buy and buy, but they never apply what they learn.

They may give some of the methods a try for a few days or weeks but before anything can gain traction, they quit and start something new, the new flavor of the day.

Rehashed Products

In the make money online niche, thousands of products keep coming out every day.

They have flashy sales pages, sales copy that’s hyped up and promises easy profits (more then often, insane profit) that will give you the lifestyle of a celebrity, the laptop lifestyle on every beaches of the planet.

In reality, most of the products are rehashed and untested theory that just don’t work or don't work for someone without any experience and any audience.

However, thousands of beginners have spend a ton of their money on these products and never make a dollar in return.

Shiny object syndrome is one of the biggest reasons why most people online fail to make money online. They are so busy buying and dreaming that they never do any selling.

Start making sales today!

To Your Success,


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AlexEvans Premium
Well said, Marc, making that connection early on in our online journey can save a lot of time.

MarcDemers Premium
Thanks for your comment Alex, it's so true, it's a time saver.

Have a great day,
AlexEvans Premium
When we focus on selling our journey moves to another level.