Light and Darkness

Last Update: October 15, 2017

This week people all over the world will be celebrating Divali or Deepawali. The triumph of light over darkness. The story tells of a Prince sent into exile for many years by his stepmother to prevent him from becoming king. On his return to the village, people were happy and delighted to welcome him home again on the darkest night of the year... they lit lamps alongside the road to light his path and show him the way.

Hindus all over will be celebrating by lighting lights, fireworks, enjoying fun foods and ceremonies in respect and honoring the deities associated with this event.

It's also a time to celebrate and ask for prosperity, wealth and wisdom. Darkness is eliminated by light. Negative is eliminated by positive. Find the wisdom in the ignorance.

Happy Diwali to all. Love, light and prosperity.

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MBond Premium
I've heard my wife talk about Diwali before. It is a festival celebrated by the Indians in Trinidad. My wife is West Indian. I did not know the story behind it though, so I am glad I read your post tonight. Happy Diwali to you as well.
Magic123 Premium
thank you.