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Last Update: May 22, 2018

Friday The 25th

Sounds like a horror movie, and it could easily become a nightmare for any of us small website owners.

We all know by now that our friends accross the big pond came up with a wide reaching law that requires compliance in areas of website mastery which is way beyond the realm of most of us.

What the 'EU Wiseman' came up with is far beyond rewording a Privacy Policy, adding a Cookie Consent Page, or displaying a simple Pop-Up banner.

Most of us only know that any AFFILIATE LINK will set a cookie in a visitor's device when they click on it. But how many among us know, or realize that...

  • ... many plugins collect data quietly in the background
  • ... leaving a simple comment to a post is considered 'data collection'
  • ... we have no clue where and how the data is stored
  • ... we have no clue how to access, change, or delete collected data.

However, there are 4 (four) requirements in these EU General Data Protection Regulations which require us to be able to perform tasks which not many of us know how to perform.

Here are the issues that make compliance with the EU GDPR a major headache

  1. Right To Be Forgotten (the right of individuals to have their collected data erased)
  2. Data Access Request (the right to know exactly WHAT data has been saved)
  3. Data Breach Notification (IF your site has been hacked, you must AUTOMATICALLY inform all individuals you have collected data from)
  4. Data Rectify (you must enable individuals to correct their collected data)

You can easily see that most of us will not be able to comply with these regulations and requirements without a lot of help.

Let's Take The Easy Way Out - A PLUGIN

My research led me to a plug-in that will do exactly what the EU requires.

It is on a dime sale at $23.20 for the 'unlimited website version' at the time of this writing, and the price increases by $0.30 every 3 hours.

For more info, jump over to my website (URL listed on my profile page) and check out the

Review I published just yesterday.

Of course, comments are always welcome and highly appreciated.

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