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What's the difference?Now that Google did away with the old version of the Webmaster Tool, I noticed some differences that may, or may not, influence the ranking of posts/pages.One is the eliminating of 'FETCH AS' function. Back in the good old days, once you did 'fetch' the post was usually crawled and indexed within a day, at the most.The new 'URL inspection on the other hand seems to be just that, and Google crawls whenever they have scheduled a crawl of your site. So, this is a bit of a dra
Anyone know a convenient way to add ad code to single posts?
February 13, 2019
I hate cleaning up Google's mess!This just in:Goofle (not a typo) just sent emails that website owners are now asked to REMOVE ALL REFERENCES to Google +.That includes Does anyone have a good solution how we can do that, or can Carson/Kyle offer a global solution?John
Thinking about changing from AIO SEO to Yoast since AIO disabled the Schema Markup functionality.My question is in regards to already published posts/pages and the DESCRIPTION SNIPPET.I handcrafted the meta description of all my posts and wonder if these will be retained, or are subject to be automatically created by the search engines (using the first 160 characters of the post).
Friday The 25thSounds like a horror movie, and it could easily become a nightmare for any of us small website owners.We all know by now that our friends accross the big pond came up with a wide reaching law that requires compliance in areas of website mastery which is way beyond the realm of most of us.What the 'EU Wiseman' came up with is far beyond rewording a Privacy Policy, adding a Cookie Consent Page, or displaying a simple Pop-Up banner.Most of us only know that any AFFILIATE LINK will s
November 01, 2017
Just curious...Usually I get about 30 to 40 email notifications per day. Today NOT A SINGLE ONE.Any known problem?John
Maybe some of you know this post-apocalyptic sci-fi short story by Harlan Ellison and the PC game, released 1995 for DOS computers. I played this game for countless hours. It wasn't a shoot-'em-up game, but a game that required a braincell or two. ;-)Story Line: The war of all wars was fought by THREE Super-Computers capable of running the war more efficiently than humans. One of these machines became self aware, absorbing the other two computers, and killed off all humans except four men and o
Hey guys, here is something incredible!Watch the video - IF THEY CAN DO THAT - You can succeed here.HOLY SCHNITZEL!!!The talking is in German, but you can watch and understand what is happening. a nice weekend.John Worthy
Finally I upgraded and regret it already!Avoiding the upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10 for the longest time, I finally decided to take the jump and just did it. Stupid me!Let me tell you why I did it.It all started about 5 weeks ago when, after shutting my machine down, I got greeted with the common message "Upgrades are being installed...blablabla". There were 19 of them, nothing unusual, and they always took about 4 to 5 minutes in the past.Not this time though. It took over 20 minutes for the c
January 23, 2016
It seems the New Member welcome message system is 'kinda outa whack'. None of my referrals did receive any the last couple of days. Just saying ;-))John