Frustration with auto

Last Update: September 21, 2015

Well hi to all, frustration we all get it , me I feel it is in the learning process as I went through the school system in England, pretty much the three Rs Reading Righting & [r]Arithmetic, so when let out into the world at 16 I could fill out applications read the applications but as for much else that was my learning in a nut shell .

So jump a head 44 years and here I am trying to get my self to understand the computer and its language, not so easy I can read, but understanding it is a total other universe, I have had to use the computer quite a bit this last 3 weeks as I have got my self employed by a company out of Plano Texas and guess what every thing is done on the computer, there training and phone if you have questions, O and then when you have to use IT dept. you are put on hold for 20 plus minuets and then when you do get a live human after the AUTO BOTS have left you with music sorta you have to ask for help but not having the IT Tech looking over my shoulder, but being on the other end of the phone,I have been and they have been FRUSTRATED, like wise when it has come to getting this WEB site up and going same thing FRUSTRATION, don't get me wrong I love to learn but getting things to stick in my mind is so hard. Like now i have taken time out of this day Monday to do this BLOG as there is no distractions and I can kind think.

So my mind comes back to who got FRUSTRATED in life but won out in the end and one person that comes to mind is mister Kentucky him- self Col Sanders 65 or so years old and 1000 rejections and look at his legacy to day, who has not licked there fingers out there, so I need to use that and just keep watching reading and righting and may be the 3 R s is all that I needed any way, thanks letting me vent a little today feels good to get that off my shoulders.

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VickyBangle Premium
Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks for sharing. Vicky