Driving and thinking, I am shot gun

Last Update: September 15, 2015

So here I am driving back to Idaho from Utah wondering what can be said that would be of use to those who have just recently joined WA, my thoughts are far and wide but as of last nite the wife was excited about this new life we both are cruising along on, she has allways been the rock as any woman that has had 3 children and help raise 3 others they are tough they have to be, we have been bleesed that our children have not caused us much problems, we are lucky parents, so many of you out there have not been as lucky and I feel for you. Life does hit us hard in its own way, I have been a orphan for 9 years or so and it still hurts , my wife lost her best hunting budy her dad 14 years ago, her biggest regret is he never got to see great grand kids. All these thoughts come to mind as we dont at the moment have a retirement plan and how much more we could do and share if we had not put the kids first but you do what you have to and now we enjoy the benefits grand kids. We both feel that WA has come at the right time for us and we have to do the work to make it blossom. Life is good if you dont weaken and if you can be on the same wave length as your spouse how much better can that be.I say dont weaken and aim for the goal of Web site published we are so good BLOGGING

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PjGermain Premium
I make a nice little extra paycheck with my online income. You will too. I can tell you are passionate and motivated.... not for yourself, but for your family... RESPECT!

Study WA lessons - over and over again if you have to. Ask all the questions you need. We are here for you.

You Will make it happen.
Luv2travel Premium
Thank you we will do, as we progress and learn and gain knowledge it will be a plus plus for us.