Do You Know Who You Are?

Last Update: July 29, 2017

A Trip To Chicago

A group of 10 men was traveling to Chicago. They promised their wives that they would be back on time. They were late for their flight and decided to try their best to make it to the gate. They did not have much luggage, in fact, all they had were their briefcases.

They were traveling together and in their rush, they failed to notice a girl that was standing by a fruit stand selling apples. One by one they bounced the fruit stand until it overturned.

Nine of them kept running towards the gate but one turned back. He picked up the apples and noticed that some were damaged. He started to apologize to the girl saying I am sorry that your stand overturned and some of the apples are damaged. He then noticed that the girl was blind.

He set the damaged apples by themselves and took out some money and paid for the damaged that was caused. The girl was grateful, and as the man said goodbye to her and started to walk away, she called him back and asked: “Sir are you Jesus?”

He missed his flight but he had an experience that stuck with him for life. We should always remember to be kind to others whether or not we know them.


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Numbergurl Premium
Thank you for this. I am printing it and putting it up on my wall to remind myself that it takes so little to do an act of kindness, and we are never to busy to follow these words.
LunaVC Premium
Thank you so much! You have made my day. I was really down from morning and your comment lifts my spirit. Thanks for stopping by my site.
MKearns Premium
Modled after the Parable of the 10 Lepers in the New Testiment.
LunaVC Premium
That's true! Thanks for reading.
mickeyb123 Premium
This is so very true and many people, regarding themselves too important, too late or too into themselves simply don't understand or care about!
LunaVC Premium
You said the right thing! Thanks for the comment.