The Time is Now!

Last Update: November 27, 2018

When is it the best time to buy Real Estate? Now!

You've all heard this when it comes to questions about what the market is doing, whether prices will go up or down, which suburbs or areas are the most desirable, and which markets will make the most money. Been there, done that!

I guess it's the same question with this monster called the world wide web and the internet; it is like a monster as it's huge, scary, mind boggling, at times incomprehensible, and on the surface, hard to tackle... without a workabel strategy; and that's how you defeat monsters. With some form of strategy that will make you succeed.

I came across Wealthy Affiliate in April 2018, but did little with it (my excuse was that I was going O/S in May) but when I got back I didn't do anything with it, thinking that another 'opportunity' would hit me in the face like a truck! I was deluding myself, and putting things off.

During this whole time Kyle and Carson, and the team at WA were still sending me emails about tutorials, workshops, training, and the WA opportunity. It wasn't until I received an email from Carson, titled ' Offline Education sky-rockets'. This made lots of sense as education today is reaching saturation point... too many colleges, too many courses, too many graduates in the marketplace, for too little jobs.

It is now about creating opportunity, but which vehicle do you utilise to take that ride? The internet and an online business is the vehicle for all the right and logical reasons:

Reason #1: Find the ultimate job security. When you learn how to effectively run an online business you're educating yourself to create ultimate job security. WA offers this security with a great product which is unmatached. WAs platform is the only vehicle you need to invest in... ever!

Reason #2: Work on Projects you're passionate about. When you're working on a business you're passionate about, you don't care how much work you put into it, because that daily grind is going to create your future and your security. WA show you how to develop yur niche and work it until it becomes profitable.

Reason #3. Access a wider Network of clients and buyers. As you develop your own online business, you're free to think as big as you want. Going global is the norm with the internet and WA will educate you as to how this is achievable.

Reason #4. Explore your interests. An internet business allows you to be flexible with your time. Want to go fishing? Let's go. You're not tied down to a boss or a desk.

Reason #5. Enjoy low startup costs. As an online entrepreneur, launching your ventures and businesses online are a fraction of bricks and mortar (plus you have to contend with financiers or VCs). You have total control and say about your online business. WA allow you to do this with the most competitive platform in the internet industry, with products and tools which would be financially inaccesible if you were out there on your own.

Reason #6. Increase your earning potential. When you sell one product from your online business with WA, you can educate yourself to sell fifty, one hundred, ten thousand...your worth and earning capacity is based on your effort and acumen. WA will show you how to do this efficiently, with little risk, and with a bunch of tools and platforms which will allow you to become the ture entrepreneur you deserve to be.

Reason #7. Support from people who have done this before and have the experience, credentials and street smarts to get you started, keep you going, and make you believe in yourself that success with an online business is achievable. Kyle, Carson and the rest of the WA team are comitted to helping you learn the tools and platforms that will help you to succeed. They rest, as they say, is up to you!

Finally, et me leave you with this little tidbit about how big the internet is:

"The ever expanding e-commerce market is a huge attraction to internet users worldwide, as shown in the growth of e-commerce volume and consumer spending. E-retail revenue is forecast to nearly double between 2016 and 2020. Mobile retail is also one of the fastest growing online categories, and is expected to generate about 669 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2018. About 43 percent of South Koreans have made online purchases as of 2015, and 34 percent of Chinese stated buying something online via phone. Amazon is a leader in mobile commerce sales,amounting to more than 27 billion U.S. dollars in revenue from its mobile commerce."

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