Getting approved as an affiliate by Amazon and others

Last Update: June 05, 2019

I'm at the point in my training where I have to sign up to some affiliate programs. I had previously signed up to Ali Express, but the prices on most of the products of interest to me there are so cheap that the comissions are tiny. They are fine as a loss leader to get people buying things on my page, but I won't cover my costs if that was my main source of revenue.

I joined CJ Affiliate which was fine, but when I applied to a couple of the sites I really wanted to be an affiliate for, I was declined. They don't give you any reason.

I suspect the reason is because the site is pretty new and at the time I applied only had 7 articles on it. I'm hoping they will reconsider when I have more posts.

That got me worried about Amazon because they check out your page too and as at yesterday I only had 7 Articles on the site. I now have 8 and based on the review process in the picture above, I feel like it could be risky to apply until I have at least 10 articles.

Can anyone give me any advice based on your experience. Has anyone applied and been rejected by Amazon because of something missing on their website?

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tokzkie824 Premium
Nice work and congrats Luigi.

LuigiCappel Premium
Thanks Art
CreativeGlue Premium
Wow! Amazon's application review process does present a challenge for newbies. I will have to work on add more original content to my site before I consider applying. Thanks for sharing what you've found.