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Last Update: Mar 12, 2017


I have site #2 up and running. Once I was inspired with a name I liked, I grabbed the domain. A little frustrated with my current theme for site #1. And await some assistance, which I know will be along shortly :)

I am happy to see my first site has been indexed- woohoo! That shows me everything in this training is working and gives me even more incentive to produce great content. I installed an astore ( the issue I am having is with sidebar on one page) Thing is, if I wasn't here at WA I never would have known an astore even existed or how to implement it.

I recently ran across a negative "review" of WA and I must say that the person who wrote it appeared to already know "everything one needs to know" about earning money online, and since he didn't see anything new is calling it a scam.

WA is here to take you from knowing nothing to having your own site up and running in a very short amount of time. I knew how to create a website, and a blog, but everything in between has always been kept secret by other programs who promise to show you "everything" That is why I feel blessed to have found WA and completely by accident too ( while nearly falling for yet another scam site)

My point: don't believe the negative "reviews" I don't. I am here and know it is the best program out there!

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...they're usually written by the sore losers...

There are plenty of them out there..I will quote myself in my latest blog post: "Just because you have a website don't expect it to sit there and make you money. It's not an automatic money making machine"

sooo....MAKE IT ONE, only YOU can! Press ON!

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