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Last Update: July 21, 2018

The Being Your Own CEO Success Circle has been exploring the concept of community and I thought it might be interesting to share some member contributions.

What does it feel like to be in community?

It feels wonderful, like I belong, that I have a purpose. Communities form when people have a dream, need to make a change or have a common interest and values.

Why is community important to solopreneurs?

Well it was mainly to overcome isolation and business loneliness. But it is also to find possible affiliations, partners and customers who can be trusted. In summary, we decided that it’s all about relationships.

A week later, we looked at Techniques for Building Community.

Community Essentials

  • There must be a facilitator who keeps everything on track;

  • There must be a structure so that members know what to expect;

  • It’s good to be informal so that participants enjoy the experience;

  • The purpose must be clear to all who might attend;

  • Participants must feel safe with no arguments, negative comments or judgement;

  • There must be a communication system to inform and attract members;

  • It must be easy to participate;

  • Members must receive value;

  • Members need to ensure that new members are made to feel welcome, included and special.

What about this WA community?

Do you see all the above factors here? I’m wondering if we missed anything. Please share your community experience with us.

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gehnrhcomca Premium
We all must act as responsible mentoring leaders to make WA community thrive! Nice post. Best Regards, George
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I like that George - Mentoring leaders