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August 21, 2016
Years ago a friend of mine taught me how to meditate. He was taught by an African witchdoctor. Over the years I gained much benefit from the meditation and would like to share the technique with the wealthy affiliate community. It is very easy to do and has a marvelous affect. First you lay down on your bed or couch. Remove your shoes to help with energy flow. So after laying flat on your back, relax your hands by your side's by stretching out your fingers and having your palms flat on the mat
July 24, 2016
It's time to celebrate. I noticed my rank was 199 today. Thanks to the many people who have blogged or asked questions answered questions and made comments in wa. I appreciate all the kindness and effort people have made to communicate with me. I had a bit of a hissy fit last week and I don't know which blog that happened. A special warm Thank you to those people and I would like to give them a virtual hug which was kindly offered to me by a lovely wa member. Regards Louise
June 24, 2016
Hi I would like to thank everyone at WA for being so friendly and helpful. For the last 3 weeks I have enjoyed so many positive blogs and friendly people that I am addicted to WA. It is a real pleasure to get up in the morning and read so many blogs and meet so many interesting people. I haven't been able to get into face book because I didn't see the purpose but with WA there is a purpose and I have found my goal. All the best x
June 06, 2016
Thank you Kyle, Carson and Wealthy Affiliate for the opportunity to build a business on the internet. I'm so excited and cant wait to get going. Thank you to Mike Lambert for helping me and everyone for your friendly manner. Regards Louise