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Why me? Why now? Some days it's hard for me to even get up out of bed! I have struggled with this my entire adult life. It is the oddest thing; everything can be going just great and boom, out of know where it hits me like a ton of bricks. Maybe I am watching too much news on the television? Perhaps I am on FB too much looking at everyone and how happy they all are? Not, that I don't want everyone to be happy because I do! It's just that I wonder why is it that I am the one with so much w
July 09, 2018
Hi Everyone,So I have been at this for a few weeks now. I really have enjoyed learning new computer techniques and writing skills but that has also been my downfall. At every turn I seem to run into the 'unknown' and at times that is scary! The unknown meaning, Google+, downloading pictures off the internet and off of my phone. I guess I never really had a passion for that type of stuff so I never much messed around on the computer. That so far has been my biggest challenge, figuring out my