Blogging about DIY Clothing Line!

Last Update: June 10, 2019

Starting my own original clothing line is a dream which I had some 5 years ago. I thought I'd sew a capsule wardrobe and pin photos about them on Pinterest to generate some buzz.

That plan didn't work as well as expected. But hey! I found something better! On Wealthy Affiliate, I could organize everything much more easily and I was able to post some of my original photos. It was a lot of fun, and I think I was able to thing I made it into a I was also able to organize some affiliate links through eBay and CJ Affiliates. These blended well with the look that I was trying to present, 'Style over fashion, not fashion over style.'

The only problem is that the world of affiliate marketing seems to be dominated by the 'scams, and more' that have kept me busy for too much of the time. The first set was from eBay. I wasn't sure if it was a scam or real, but it was rude! So, not to be outdone, I donned my 'School Marm' hat and tossed it into spam, where last time I looked, the messages have kept coming, so I think they're bots!

I'm awaiting approval from Share-a sale now. The problem is, it seems that during one of the big hacks that we heard about, someone got control of another of my email accounts and got approved for an account in my name, and on one of my 'blogger' sites. So, while I'm waiting for that to be sorted out, I'll keep building out my DIY Fashion brand and promoting it. I'm also upgrading my creative style and building out my Pinterest pins.

My progress up to this point might not seem like much to some persons, but to me, it's a lot. Many thanks to WA that has faciliated what I've managed to achieve so far. And best wishes to all in your own journey to greatness!

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LornaF Premium
Thanks, Alexis! Best of luck to you, too!
Alexis75 Premium
Sorry for all of the mishaps that you have endured with trying to get you clothing line out there for the world to see. The internet is a big target for scammers and hackers especially when it comes to having ideas, promoting things or just having your personal information out there is an even bigger target.

I like the fact that you remain persistent in your desires to promote your work because a lot of people would have just give up but that shows your strength and determination. Pinterest is a great outlet for showing off your ideas and introducing new products or items for others to see, in a way it's almost like a vision board for advertising.

Wishing your best in all your endeavors.