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Hey everyone at WA. I hope you all are having a great day. I just wanted to cover something that could help all of us with our content. This tip is mainly for the newer members out there. I'm sure most of you pro's already know all about it and why it's a must-have tool!Grammarly! - What Is It?Grammarly is only the best tool out there to help correct your spelling and grammar. It integrates well with ANY platform on ANY OS and will make your text clear and mostly error-free.Grammarly can be dow
July 05, 2019
Hey Everyone, Just wanted to post an update, and major milestone for me and my website.I got the email yesterday and had to do a little happy dance. I created my website on Jun 30th and it has already been indexed by google on July 4th. While I still couldn't find any of my post when searching my keywords On any page for that matter. If you search my website it shows up in the list. I'll take this as a win for now.Just praying that as I continue to grow and post more and more content. That more
June 27, 2019
Took that next big step. And now we're live!!!!!Although it's not much yet. My first website is alive and kicking. Next step. getting some content up and running.For my first site i decided to go with health and wellness as a gereral category. While this is a wide grouping. I'm planning on focusing on health supliments and blogs about ways to become and or maintain a healthy lifestyle using natural supplements.I've also took that bit step and went premium. I love this community. Can't wait to m
Today i decided to make that leap. I joined Wealthy Affiliate with a starter membership. And completed my account setup. It's a proud day for me. The day i stop being scared of that leap and just dive in. Yes the water is a bit cold. And yes it can get deep. But thanks to you all I know I have a lifejacket!Knowing this is just the first step of many to a rising success. I couldn't be more excited. I've been lurking for a while now. reading about all the success others are having. and even about