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Today I am going to start the Affiliate Bootcamp. I had to get a site ready over the Holiday Weekend. I learned so much that I'm revamping the site. I needed to make it mobile ready as well. I was somewhat torn. I really would like to do the whole course again. Got to follow my feeling on this.
I had expected to finish the whole program within the first month. From my experience with other programs, I wanted to complete the course, get what I could if anything and move on. But let me say this now, WA has not only taught me and enlightened me, but challenged me to be the best at achieving my online goals. If you have any type of online marketing experience, you will be delighted at the approach to new concepts. If you are a beginner, you will be guided by experienced profess
August 14, 2014
Just had to say this to all of the people that have given me encouragement and instructions: You don't Know What you Don't Know. UA is The Bomb!
July 30, 2014
I writing this to let everyone know the progress I made in the past few weeks. But more than that I want to touch on 2 important factors. 1. No matter where you are or what you have been through. Don't ever stop. I was reviewing a "Make Money Online Course" when I read a review on WA. I believe it changed my life forever. 2. When the student is ready the teacher will come. In other words, you don't know what you don't know. The most important thing I have accomplished to to bel