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Last Update: June 02, 2018

When you set your mind to something, there is nothing that can stand in your way to prevent you from succeeding except your own self.

My name is Linsey, I've been with Wealthy Affiliates for a month now. For the past two years I've been living with my husband and children overseas away from my home and family as a homemaker.

When I moved from Canada, I gave up my career and the ability to easily find work. I've had an incredibly hard time adjusting to becoming a dependent. I've searched high and low for any type of internet job which I could do at home.

Unfortunately I've had very little to no experience with any computer related job out there, I've hit dead end after dead end. With that being said, I also never gave up looking for opportunity and I have a very strong will power to create some kind of online success. I feel so happy I found wealthy affiliates, because I've really been able to confidently build up experience with a ton of support from such a great group of members. Wealthy Affiliates has become a second family to me, full of so many positive people. I do believe surrounding yourself in a positive environment helps you thrive!

My Goals to become successful.

Currently my goal is to build an affiliate site around my Baby niche. I'm confident I have a great ability to make this successful considering I've firsthand experience with having my own babies. Already I have a lot of product knowledge as well hands on experience with parenting babies to teens (currently I have one of each). I am part of some wonderful parent groups, from used baby gear sites to expat family groups, constantly other parents share their experiences or asked for advice. I think it is beneficial to submerge yourself into anything or anyone that may contribute to your niche.

Educate yourself.

I love the simplicity of the classes at WA, there is nothing that seems to complicated for any newbies to the digital world. In the past I've tried to learn through other programs only to end up with failure due to how complex they have made things. The most beneficial thing I have learned so far through WA has been SEO. This has been the one tool that I've been trying so hard to learn, I could never really get the grasp of SEO until now. I truly understand how absolutely important it is to add SEO rich content into your site to become established. Anther importnant part abut SEO I've learned is how to properly utilize it into my content. The classes at WA are exciting for me because I know I will gain something from each class I go through. If I had a hard time uderstanding how something works, such as using word press ( because, as I said I am a newbie), I use YouTube video's. I google exactly what I am trying to accomplish to build my site and look for the most current video, the older ones can sometimes create confusion since the site has most likely been updated since the tutorial was made.


Patience, patience, patience! I am constantly telling myself how patient I need to be, mostly because I get so excited and I can't wait to move onto the next step. There are about a million great idea's flying around in my head all the time and I can't wait to apply them into my site. I've been very good to make sure I know and I understand each tool and class I am going through before moving on. Seriously, this has become really important to me because if I don't understand something, then how can I succeed? Why waste the time to jump ahead, when eventually you will have to go back.

My Progress.

Although my site still does not have a lot of content, I've managed to write a few posts in my blog section about niche related products. I feel very proud of my work so far and I don't think I would have been able to create such useful content without the help and support of WA. I feel very happy to see how appealing my site is starting to look and I can't wait to continue building out my pages.

Just to Sum it Up.

Well now I've shared a bit about my goal, my progress, and some of my beliefs to creating a successful affiliate site. I just want to say, that I had really no prior experience to any web related business, I jumped into this with only the knowledge that I wanted to build something successful and I was willing to learn whatever it takes to make that happen. If I can do this so can anyone else who is willing to spend the time to learn and be patient. With all the support and help with the live chat or question sections after each lesson, I've always found someone who has been willing to "hold my hand" and help me through my challenges. Thank so much to everyone who is out there willing to help and motivate each and every one of us to success!


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Hello Linsey, good one and keep doing the great job you are doing.Tropical regards from Costa Rica.