Italy: WA Gift for Hildacbg

Last Update: March 08, 2015

Dear Friends Hilda,

We are Real Magic WA Family.

We are glad to make you feel better and stronger.

Our warm WA thoughts, prayers, hopes and desires are these days always with you - for your quick recovery.

Welcome to Europe and we are pleased to Italy, the cradle of civilization.

On this occasion, brought to you by the recipe Natural Healthy Herbal Tea,
To recover from anemia due to iron deficiency, faster healing and strengthening the body with exhaustion.This is an old recipe herbal tea, from Adriatic See.
This blend of medicinal tea contains the following herbas (in weight proportions):
Dried fruit rod (Cynoosbaty fructus-30%), blackberry leaves (Rubi fruticosi folium-25%), elderflower (Sambuci flos-20%), nettle leaf (folium Urticea - 15%), and fruit blueberry (Myrtilli fructus-10%) - All in weight units.
PREPARATION: In 1.5 (one and a half) liter of hot boiled water should be placed three (3) large tablespoons of broth, this medicinal tea blends, leave for one minute to cook and then turn off heat and leave to one side, stir, cover and allow to cool for about 15 minutes. Then again stir with a spoon, drain, and you can add lemon and honey to taste.
USE: Drink 1-2 cups of 3 (three) times a day (preferably before a half hour before eating: in the morning, around noon and before dinner.

We hope you will quickly find the herbal in Italy.... and hoping soon healed we sending miraculous positive energy, our love and our thoughts.

For Our respected Friend Hilda, with Low and Pryers

WA Family

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MarineMom Premium
Thank you for sharing this blog with the members!
Christabelle Premium
What a wonderful blessing to our dear friend! :)
hildacbg Premium
Thanks a lot. I really appreciated. I feel really blessed. WA is just the most wonderful community I have ever known or joined!
TheCatherine Premium
As always Hilda my thoughts are with you