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Joined February 2015
- Friends call me Joe, and
- ICT & IM (Informations-Comunications-Tehnology & Internet-Marketing),
- are my passion, job, fun, hobbie, inspirations, imaginations, ...
- I am formal-level BSc&MSc; Project-Manager(PM), consultant and ICT Expert,
- Last 30 years, now retired,
- Open University Projects(OUP) and OBC Contributor, and
- Visiting Promotor & Educator Wealthy Affiliate Concepts for
- Work-At-Home(WAH) Business, and
- Internet-Home-Based-Business(IHBB),
- Author Marketing-Information-Systems(MIS) Projects, ...

WA Goals:
- Actual-Goal.... #1 : Contributor
- Main-Goal...... #2 : Ambasador
- Unique-Goals. #3 : Vegas
- End-Goal........ #4 : VirtualOffice(VO)

WA Promises:
- Promise........ #1 : WA Freedom for Setting Questions and Answers
- Promise........ #2 : Ask WA Community For Help
- Promise........ #3 : WA PIF Concept

- Liberty, Freedom for all, Homeland, ...
- Science, Knowladge, Education, and Self-Education, ...
- Individual & Team-works, Self-organizations, and Active Codex Contribution, ...
- Take Action(TA), Take-Smart-Action(TSA) and Take-Consistent-Action(TCA)
- Lov for My Parents, Family, Teacher, Friends, Students, Colleague, ...
- Thanks for My Partners, Contributors, JV, Relations, ...Opponents, ...
- Life, all Peaples and Life-forms, Planets, Nature and Cosmos, ...
- Self-Help & Do-It-Yourselfs(DIY) concepts, Team-work, ...

Main Points:
- Legal and Legtimate Business
- Etic & Moral Codex
- Ecology and Consistent Development & Greenfeld Invesment
- Testing Work-At-Home (WAH) Local Business Opportunity
- Activate Sub-systems Internet-Home-Based-Business-(IHBB)
- Promo Events, Activity and Wealthy Strategy
- Daily Efective Using Interactive-Educations-Platform(IEP)
- Promo WA-University (WAU) & Open Education Projects (OEP), and WAbinars
- Be active parts global Online-Business-Community (OBC)
- Developing and Testing Step-by-Step (SbS) Make Money Online Models
- Initiate Pilot-Project IM Expert-Systems (IM-ES)
- Contribution in Developing Good, Healty and Whealthy Websites
- Support Creative Athmosfere and Life-Styling, ...

My Gratitude For Helping Final-Goals-Setting:
- Friends Kyle & Karson, Founder & CEO Virtual Marketing Inc. Ca.
- Active Contributors and Ambasadors.
- Actual Active Starter & Premium Membership Wealthy Affiliate,
- My Dear Friendly LifeCreator Network(+3.8k)


LifeCreator's Goals 3
Money Goals
Answer #1: $25k
Answer #2: $100k
Answer #3: 6h/day
Money I would be happy earning
Money I would be ecstatic earning
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
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Dec 19, 2016
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LifeCreator Premium
Answer #1: $25k
Answer #2: $100k
Answer #3: 6h/day
CurtHazlett Premium
Great goals! Stay focused and be patient!
How can one be patient in WA?
CurtHazlett Premium
Great point! I want to succeed bad! I am working hard to make it happen!
Carson Premium Plus
Hi there Josip!

Well it all starts with a goal and now that you've got your goals outlined you can start working towards them. The more time you can spend working through the training here at Wealthy Affiliate, the sooner you will have the foundation that you can build upon. You have full control over your online business and we'll be here to help steer you in the right direction as you move forward.

Glad to see that you are taking action already by publishing your goals!

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Adeng Premium
Nice to meet you Joseph:) Welcome on board.
AndrewHannah Premium
Hi joseph, thanks for the follow I have followed you back.

TrixieT Premium
Thanks for the follow Joseph. Blessings and good luck :-)
NicoleJBN Premium
Hi there,

thank you for the follow.

I wish you all the best and if you need any help, let me know.

Many blessings,
Daveprice Premium
Wow Joseph, they are amazing credentials and in my brief time her the most positive affirmation. I would wish you every sucess but it seems assued, so I will just say thank you for following me and I shall watch your progress with great anticipation.