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August 05, 2017
My husband -- who shares my address but not my last name -- ordered two items from Amazon, and they showed up in my associates reports. But after a couple of weeks, with no payout, I thought I'd contact Amazon to find out what was going on. The woman I spoke with (online chat) was very nice, very helpful, and sent me a follow-up email with a full explanation. I recall someone here at WA suggesting that we ask our friends and family to place orders through our websites just to make that first sa
I never thought it would happen to me. My unemployment is about to run out, and the only work I can find is substitute teaching for $85 a day. My district won't allow me to work more than 4 days per week because they are terrified they might have to offer me health care benefits. My paycheck is less than my unemployment benefit by $17. What the heck happened? How did I end up here?Kids, career changes, layoffs.I waitressed my way through high school and college, and graduated with a BA in Engli
April 21, 2017
Incredibly, I've actually made it through two course certifications, and now I'm ready to make some money. I'm amazed that I've actually got a website built, there are real posts on it -- with pictures, no less -- and I've figured out (with LOADS of help from the community here) some technical stuff to boot. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks! Honestly, there's nothing I'd rather be doing, and I feel it's very unfortunate that I have to work even part time just to pay the bills. I
Just finished the training on "Low Hanging Fruit" and started writing my next article. I have to admit, this is the way I've been doing it anyway, ever since I found out what a keyword is! (First article written off a keyword that had 830 searches and QSR of 0.)Anyway, my new post required some digging around, and I couldn't help but notice the titles of the articles on Google page 1 that came up in my searches looked suspiciously familiar! They were MY keyword ideas that I'd put through the se
March 29, 2017
I don't know why I'm so surprised when things work out the way they're supposed to! I've had a lot on my plate lately -- mom's been in the hospital, we're getting the house ready to sell, new, part-time job, and to top it off I came down with a cold. Sometimes it just seems a little overwhelming! Writing, though. Writing has always saved me, given me an outlet, something to focus on that takes me out of myself for a little while. I am so grateful to be able to do it here, and make it meaningful
March 20, 2017
Just a quick note here, because remember that new job I mentioned? Yeah, it's a 30-minute highway drive to get there by 7:30 am, so I can't burn the midnight oil like I used to. I just have to comment that I am so excited to have my website up, domain name purchased, pages lined up, and words almost ready to make their debut online. I can't say enough good stuff about my experience here at WA so far! The best part of this training for me has been the way each step has helped me to refine and fo
March 05, 2017
Pretty easy to create that website; now I just have to fill it up! I've already begun writing and research, and I have to say it's really fun. As I posted earlier, I just got a new job, which will definitely put a dent in the time I'm going to have to work on WA, but it only goes til the end of May. Big push coming for summer! Now if only I can figure out how to get BACK to my site...! Thank you so much to everyone who answered my questions and posted responses to my concerns. This really is a