How To Organize Your Home Online Business

Last Update: May 26, 2019

I begin to organize my home online business after joining Wealthy Affiliate because I was loosing too much time. I will share with you some ideas that I'm working on to organize myself so that I can become more productive on a daily basis. This may not work for some people depending on their activities and so on, but for others, it just may be the ideas that they need.

A Specific Space To Create An Amazing Home Office

  • A space near a window where you can open the blinds and let nature shine through which helps with lighting during the day
  • A desktop or laptop
  • Be comfortable with a comfortable chair
  • Dress for success (or you can wear what you want)


  • Add some in house plants to help keep you healthy
  • Pictures or posters with beach settings with a coconut cup and palm trees if you like, or baseball (whatever you choose)
  • Organize and decorate that brings you joy or inspiration to help you be your best where you get motivation and productivity(you get more work done)

Things To Do List

Check off when complete

  • Check email
  • Do research
  • Study on whatever you need to study
  • Prepare an outline
  • Write a post
  • Write down questions you may have

This list could go on and on.

Prioritize Tasks

  • Most Important one first
  • Next important

then the next and so on

Schedule Your Day

  • Use a Calendar or Note Pad or whatever is easy for you
  • Write down what you plan to do on a specific day

If you find you can't do it on that day reschedule for another day.

Preparing a home office in a special place with motivating items, tasks to complete with the most important first, and a daily schedule will help you become more productive in your work at

Now, those ideas are what I'm doing. What about you? Can you share your ideas in the comments?

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LLettau1 Premium
The ideas your present will help keep us on task.
LethaK1 Premium
Ok, glad to help
Shellback Premium
All good ideas most folks can incorporate to be comfortable as they develop their websites.

I own neither a laptop, tablet, or computer at this point. I work in short slices of time on my smartphone.
I do list my priorities on a notepad, draw up outlines, and reschedule uncompleted tasks.
Thanks for sharing, following you now....feel free to follow me as well
LethaK1 Premium
Shellback, I'm following you and thanks for the comment.
Shellback Premium
You are very welcome...