Domain and Subdomaim:

Last Update: June 09, 2019

Domain and Subdomain

It's amazing that you can have a domain and subdomain for you business. When I first begin at Wealthy Affiliate, I choose a domain name home business affiliate marketing and discover that it wasn't the exact niche that I wanted. I was told that the domain was permanent and can't be deleted.

So, I decided to add a subdomain for my axact niche. It seems like I have two niches that can be combined, but not sure. for example" home business/affiliate marketing" & fitbit fitness "niche.

I'm Thinking & My Idea

I'm thinking that I can write content that relates to both because it all about Affiliate Marketing.

My idea is a home business in affiliate marketing that encouraging people that this is a great business to get into along with my fitbit affiliate products as my niche.

Can I link the two together in some? or is that impossible? Do they have to be seperate? Tell me how this can work properly.

If anyone have any ideas about this please let me know in the comment below.

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