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Last Update: July 24, 2018


As a new WA Premium family member, this is my first Blog from myself, a 75 years young retired teacher, who lives in the city of Leeds, UK with my wife ,Susan.

I started teaching again 4 years ago, students in care, for our local council, on a one to one basis either in the homes where they are cared for or many carers prefer me to tutor them in their school environment. To that end, I travel to Primary and High Schools with some Colleges in West Yorkshire.

I have called my Blog, "Frugal Life", because I would like to communicate my ideas and initiate discussion, advise and research into the trials and tribulations of living this Technological Age in the most economical ways possible.

As a teacher, I love doing research in all its modes with the idea of helping everyone, that needs assistance, whether it be to do with shopping frugally in groceries or purchasing anything from clothes to cars without breaking the bank!

As an example, there is so much talk about clean air in the environment and eventually the removal of fuel consuming vehicles that drivers wonder about the viability of the pure electric car.. Well I leased my second Nissan Leaf last February and even thouygh I don't travel more than 10 000 miles per year, I have worked out that I have saved £2 400 in not having to buy petrol (gas) up to date! Also I pay no car tax, have only spent , in the 3 years I have owned electric cars a total of £249 on servicing and currently, driving into Leeds city, I pay no parking charges, the local council gives drivers living locally a parking badge free for driving a zero emissions vehicle!

More on frugal living and love to hear all WA Family members your views, comments and any of your questions for me to answer.

Leslie Lazarus


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CravenATAT Premium
I live your concept and what you will bring to the table. Everyone can cut back on costs in a variety of places, but quite often we don't know where to start. I am interested in what you have to say and hope to follow you as your online marketing takes off!