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March 16, 2020
In times like this, it is essential to find things for which we are grateful. In every dilemma, even though it might not seem so at the time, there is usually something good that comes from adversity.There is something called the Maharishi Effect. It is the proposition that individual alpha brainwaves can impact the collective consciousness. A study near me in Merseyside showed that a group meditation resulted in a 13.4% drop in crime locally. Thirty years ago, in Iowa, USA 7000 experts in Maha
A website with no graphics would be a bit like chilli without the seasoning! Graphics, photos and clipart are, to your website as, spices are to your cooking. They enhance the dining experience, and leave you with a more memorable experience, hopefully wanting more.However, just as food can be too spicy, there can be too many images on the page ruining the experience. You need to find a happy medium. Too many graphics on your pages can turn visitors away. So what type of image will be of more h
March 11, 2020
Yey Folks, Indexed by Google. Suppose I had better put some content on it now. Oops.
Well, as per Level Two training I have launched my first website on the WA platform. It is not complete, and I have to complete the initial posts for the structure. You are welcome to critique the website, the optimized content will be done by the end of this week. Then I'll tell Mr Google and Mr Bing what I have done to get indexed. Please bear in mind the site in not fully populated yet,As you can see, this one is the Video animation Guy, targeting "video animation" and I have a host of other
Hello WAdventurers,I as I am as old as time itself, well almost, I thought I might share with you WA luminaries two inexplicable "talents" which seemed to have come out of nowhere.Trying To Impress For LoveAfter returning to the UK, I was working for the Civil Service when I met a fiery red-headed girl, Rhiannon, (who I fell head of heels in love with). She was an enthusiastic Amateur Dramatic Actress but had a secret ambition to become a singer. No problem I said!As a kid, I studied Bb Clarine
March 04, 2020
Onwards & UpwardsMoving on to level 2 training now. Love the structured format of the training. Better get back to it!Here's to success,Leslie
March 03, 2020
A Crisis of Confidence?I have often considered the big questions. Why are we here? From where did we come? What is my life purpose? What has that got to do with affiliate marketing? I shall try to explain.I got hurt at work in 2010. By 2014, I had to leave work because of it. By 2016, I was divorced and then completely on my own and starting again at the age of 55, permanently disabled, with few opportunities to get out of the hole.In 2017, I started re-educating myself. Now in my third year of