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Dedication badge earned, and it reflects an "on again off again"relationship with WA, to be honest.Health issues have kept me active in another area - personal well being.Garden issues have kept me active in another area - food well being.Covid19 issues have kept me active in another area - personal safety.And yet, through it all, I have kept my Wealthy Affiliate up and running. Somewhat. Well, now Canada is at Stage 3 of reopening.And I have procured some face masks for outings.No job/income a
June 09, 2020
Whoo hoo! My article writing has paid off, and I now have more than one page on my site indexed!! I enjoy writing articles, don't get me wrong. I do find that 1,000 word articles are a bit of a challenge to "pump out".However, I do find that the training within WA is sound, and my meagre website is getting indexed, so I MUST be doing something correct.My plan in the days to come is to reduce, slowly of course, the number of words in each of my articles, to allow me to "flesh out" my site a bit
June 07, 2020
So with social distancing, and working online, I found that I feel kinda house bound some days. Like, I am working on my online business, and keeping things running, and somehow, its different than before.I don't know if it's due to the suggestion to keep up the social distancing [yes, I live in B.C. and Dr. Bonnie Henry is our "go-to gal"], or if it's merely the reality of it all finally sinking in. Like, I go shopping less often. Spend more time online. I like that there is more sanitizers, a
June 04, 2020
So with the Shingles virus affecting my every move, I have been absent from my work here with WA. And yes, I have kept up with some communication, not a lot as it is difficult to sit for an extended period of time, nor stand for an extended period of time.Yet, I am back. Content with pain meds now that the sores have abated, though the "inside" pain is ever present. Here's planning on a new blog post today, going to do more training in my "school room", and commenting and liking posts well. Wis
Some people think its a holiday 'round these parts! In Canada we celebrate the 3rd Monday in May as the Victoria Day stat holiday. The unofficial start of summer round these parts. Now the song I learned as a child in school - "the 3rd Monday in May is the Queen's birthday; if you don't give us a holiday we'll all run away". Seriously, still to this day helps me remember which Monday in May it is.And so I am fighting the urge to "take it easy", take a holiday, with my online stuff as well. And
May 03, 2020
Well, in keeping with my thoughts on the garden planting being akin to my WA planting, I am happy to report -- 1.5 of 4 possible garden beds are now planted!The weather has been kinda crappy here [it is, after all, only the beginning of May]. Yet, I have had 3 good days of weeding and getting soil ready, and was able to plant in some of my beds. I have strawberries from 6 years ago in one bed, and I must say, they are looking better this year than they have ever looked.That's them over there<
So I have been sitting on monthly Premium Membership for my first months as I "tested" WA. I find that it works well, better than well, actually.To show myself that I believe in myself [and to kick me into overdrive], I gave myself an early Mom's Day gift - Wealthy Affiliate Premium for the year!
April 14, 2020
Well, here it is, weather that speaks of summer, here on the west coast of Canada. Lawns have been mowed a couple times, and are still green. Garden beds are built, and will be loaded with garden soil this weekend.Bring on Summer.Wait. Summer wear. Where are my summer clothes? Went searching, and low and behold, seems I have added a pound or two over the winter!!Or three!Time for a wealthy diet the way I am used to. Separate fats and carbs each meal and snack. Make sure carb meals are no more t
Well, its Sunday of the long weekend here in Canada, and I finally have a bit more time to spend on my own online biz. My daughter [recently moved back home while looking for work] has fully moved in, and gone "social distancing" with a friend. My turkey meal was a luncheon today, so I can direct people to self serve leftovers for dinner. Now, my time is my own. I spent most of yesterday showing a granddaughter how to make pies. Here's the finished product. Today, as I said, my time is my own.
So I have been working online "better" these past few days, now things seem to be setting up for me around the house. I have a home office I have been using for years, and have stopped "migrating" to the rest of my home, and kept my laptop to the home office. Great.I have fewer distractions from family members, as I have consistently given family members quality time during my breaks. I even have implemented a new ritual "What are you thankful for today?" - and it must be 3 things, and must be