How to perform a domain name background check?

Last Update: September 12, 2015

Hi guys, just after a bit of advice.

When I first started here at WA I began building a website about debt management solutions, after a while I found myself in over my head, I was competing with some huge sites and didn't really know what i was doing.

I've come along way since then and I've decided to bring the site back to life at some point this year.

I went to and entered the domain name, the "way back machine" tells you if and when your website was cached and provides a link where you can see it. I was hoping to re-use parts of it.

I was surprised to find snapshots of the domain dating back to 2002 when someone else had owned it previously.

Before I start work on the site, I'd like to perform a background check to make sure it hasn't been penalized for spam, or being part of some kind of link wheel or PBN.

Does anyone know a way of performing this type of check?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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john1812 Premium
Hi Lee,

The only thing I can think of to do is to verify your site with Webmaster tools and then take a look at the "manual actions" option in the menu bar.

As I understand it, that is the place where you would find information on whether Google had penalised the domain for Spam and so on.

If that has happened then there is a "reconsider" option where you can ask Google to remove the restrictions etc that they may have placed.

Hope that's helpful!
Best wishes

Here's the webmaster tool verification training:
LeeRaybould Premium
Hi John, I already have my current site set up in webmaster tools and didn't even think about checking the domain in question there!

I'll hook it up to wa hosting and then add it to webmaster tools.

Thanks for that, much appreciated