Know What You Want

Last Update: May 04, 2017

Know What You Want to Do

In life if we are focused we contemplate what is my purpose in life? I had this experience early in my life I wondered what I would do or grow up to be. As children, we often get this question or nudge from our teachers or parents to think about what we want to do with our lives. The common thoughts are about becoming a doctor, lawyer, policeman, or fire fighter. These are the basic thoughts for children when they think about growing up. Not many, but some think on a higher level with greater aspirations like President, CEO, or Owner of a new company which develops a technology that changes the world.


Many people grow into adults or seniors and never really find out what their purpose is in life. This is an unfortunate outcome, but it is true.Some people kind of fall through life aimlessly and hope for luck, or worse they just develop a herd mentality and do what others do. Some folks are short sited and only have minimal aspirations whatever the case everyone needs direction or motivation to realize their own potential. Everyone does not want to be rich, everyone does not wish to own their own business and this is where life purpose and direction begin to take shape in our lives. If you have ever sat back and taken self- inventory or spent time doing introspection of where you are in life and how you got there then you are beginning to look further or feel that there is something more in life. These are the foundational steps we go through which spark the fire and desire that gives us purpose in our lives.

How do we make the change?

We first begin by opening our minds to change and new ideas. Through an honest inventory of who we have become and what we want to become, or do in life with our lives we wake and begin the process. To make change you must realize that a change is needed then go about the process of taking action. There are many things that we must unlearn if we want to change our lives, Albert Einstein said, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity”. To make change which changes your life and gives purpose to your life requires you to first wake up from the conscious sleep. The conscious sleep is walking and talking without the realization of your actions and their effect on the people and the world around you. Think of your mind as a computer and imagine the software which has been loaded on to it. This would be the things that you were told in your most formative years about life and the world. You and I took that information or software upload to be good data for our computers, but actually most of what we have been taught or loaded on to our software has been corrupted data, a virus which has confused many of us and left us defunct of life purpose and direction.

Getting the bugs Out

When our computer gets a virus we buy some type of anti-virus software to remove the defective programing. However, we can’t do that with our minds, we must become conscious of ourselves and realize we have been programmed with a lack mentality. This type of mentality leads to adapting the herd mentality where we follow along with what everyone else is doing and never question it. When you buy into the herd mentality you just follow the social norms, keep your head down, work hard, don’t cause problems and hope for a good retirement. That is not fulfilling a purpose in life or achieving unimaginable accomplishments. You must self-reflect perform an introspection of who you are where you came from and know where you want to go and who you want to be remembered as.

Take Action

Once you come out of the waking sleep and become aware of yourself you can now begin to take action to identify your life purpose. You must realize you can do whatever you want in life you can have whatever you want in life. Don’t sit on the sidelines in your life and hope you get what you want. You must know what you want have the clarity to see it in your mind then take the steps to bring it into reality. Henry Ford was told by his financial backers and family members that he could not produce the automobile, he went on to not only produce the automobile he was the first person to invent the automobile through the mass production process. The thing which set Henry Ford apart from others is that he realized that both perceptions where right the first being that he couldn’t produce the automobile and the other being that he could produce the automobile. The difference is that he knew he could, so he took action to bring it into reality. The point is, (that which you focus on becomes your reality). If you focus on lack, fear, worry and failure they become your reality.

Final Thought

To change your life, or to achieve what you want in life you must first wake up, begin to evaluate your decisions. Are you displaying a herd mentality and doing what’s safe, or are you living your life on your terms and creating the change you want in life? We all have the ability to do and be who we want to be in life, we just need to remove the bad programming which has been uploaded in our minds to realize our true potential. Do you remember Walt Disney? If so, do you recall at the beginning of each show he was shown sitting in his office, he would get up from behind the beautiful desk he had and introduce the picture which was about to be shown. What most people never realized was that there was a huge framed document directly behind his desk. That document was his dishonorable discharge from the Army. If he didn’t know he could be successful in the face of adversity we wouldn’t have a Disney World, or a Disney Land, there would be no Micky Mouse.

To your Success,

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garydlc Premium
We all want different things and go about achieving this in different ways, but the fundamentals are the same for all, great post, thank you for sharing your insights with us.

Learnn Premium
Hey AnthonuMLM,
Thank you for taking the time. Stay aware of your thoughts be be the light you are.

To Your Success,
AnthonyMLM Premium
Great final thought, yes we must wake up first. Thanks for sharing
MKearns Premium
Great to break free and change your life!
Learnn Premium
Hi MKearns,
That is an understatement :-) changing the direction of our lives is magic, it's the sweet spot in life when we are awake to do it. You know what it's like because you are doing it :-)

To your success,